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With the NEILA Player you can select media files in a folder and play them easily. You can modify playlists on-the-fly which includes adding media files, removing, inserting after the currently played and inserting prior a selected one.
On the WPS (While Playing Screen), you can see the decoded meta-tags from the media file like e.g. artist and title.



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Most recent version

V1.07(0) / 1.7.0 Available in the Nokia Store


Supported files

Hint: Maybe not all formats are supported by your device.
File suffixDescription
.mp3MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer III)
.wavRIFF WAVE (Container which contains PCM raw data)
.amrAMR (Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec File)
.mp4/.m4aMP4 (Container format which may include AAC or MP3 audio beside video and other data)
.wmaWMA (Windows Media Audio)
.m3uM3U (Open playlist format, text based)


Select a drive and directory

NEILA Player - Files
On the "Files" tab you can select a drive and see the containing folders, playable media files and playlists. Folders are marked with a folder icon.
First you have to select the drive where your media files are located. Usually this is drive E or if a memory card is installed, drive F.
Now you can browse through the folder structure by a single click onto the desired folders or ".." to go up one level in the directory structure.

Auto create a playlist and begin to play

If you double click a media file, a playlist containing all files from the current folder gets created and playback begins from the double clicked file.

WPS - While Playing Screen

NEILA Player - WPS While Playing Screen
On the "WPS" (While Playing Screen) tab you can see the decoded meta-tags from the currently played media file like artist, title, genre and many more.
By moving the slider, you can seek to the desired position in the media file.


NEILA Player - PL Playlist
On the playlist tab "PL" you can see the playlist. The currently played media file is marked with a play icon.
To remove files from the playlist, select the desired file(s) in the playlist and open the "Options" menu to find the right action.
If you want to continue playback directly from another position in the playlist, simply double click the desired media file.


NEILA Player - Search
Searches and finds all files in the choosed drive which contain the entered text in the file name.


NEILA Player - Volume
In the "Settings" tab you can find a slider to set the desired volume.
You can also use the media keys on your device to set the volume at any time, even if the NEILA Player resides in the background, the screen saver is active or the display is turned off.


NEILA Player - Menu
If you select one or more files in a tab, dynamical sub-menus appear.

Menu entryDescription
Insert before selectedInserts the selected media files from the "Files" tab just before the selected file from the "PL" tab into the playlist.
Hint: The files keep the same order as you selected them.
Insert nextInserts the selected media files from the "Files" tab just after the currently played file into the playlist.
AddAdds the selected media files from the "Files" tab to the end of the playlist.

Playlist sub-menu
Menu entryDescription
ShuffleShuffle the current playlist.
ClearCompletely clears the playlist.
SaveSave the current playlist. The default folder is the same as showed in the "Files" tab.


Load a saved playlist

Find a previousely saved playlist (*.m3u) in the "Files" tab and double click it to load it.


Auto pause while phone calls

As soon as a phone call comes in or you make an outgoing call by yourself, playing pauses automatically and resumes as soon as the call ends.


Nice look

For the screenshots on this site, the free theme "SteelBlack Silver DFLT" from the Nokia store was used.


Known bugs

1Volume slider gets restored correctly after starting the app, but audio playback is switched to full volume regardless.Unknown; move volume slider or press volume up / down keys on the device to fix the volume.Open
2Pause->Change Track->Play changes to full volumeChange track first, before pausing (Change Track->Pause->Play).Seems to be fixed in Symbian Belle
3If media files are added to the playlist before the currently played file, the play icon may be missing or on the wrong file and playback may continue on the wrong position also.Double click the desired file in the playlist to restart playing from there.Fixed, V1.01(0)
4Files which are located in the root of a drive can't be played.Move the files from the root into a subfolder.Fixed, V1.01(0)
5On Belle FP1, only the C: drive and the drive where the app is installed can be accessed-Fixed, V1.06(0)